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NuLink is a swiss company active since 2007 in the domain of MPEG Compression and Digital Wireless Transmission for the Broadcast and Security-Defense markets.

The engineering and operational team of NuLink has a lot of expertises in MPEG-4 Compression, COFDM Modulation, System design, integration and EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) certification of complex solutions.

Our team is notably in charge of development and integration of set-up used by Broadcasters and Production Companies to broadcast live in HD international sport events like Olympics Games, Road Cycling, Triathlon, Marathon, Car Racing and Mobile Entertainment Programs.

All these technologies and solutions are also used in Security-Defense applications (surveillance helicopter, aircraft and UAV, police cars, etc…).

March 2013
New MPEG-4 Decoder

NuLink presents the last version of its MPEG-4 Decoder based on the SARADEC2 chipset from NTT, compatible with the MPEG-4 Encoder based on the ARQENC chipset from NTT.

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MPEG-4 Encoder board
MPEG-4 Decoder board