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This Encoder Board is developed around the ARQENC chipset developed by NTT Electronics.

This board offers full HD 4:2:2 high quality picture, with 40ms end to end latency in Ultra-Low Delay mode.

Combined with COFDM Hight Robustness and DVB-S2 Modulator Board also proposed by NuLink, this Encoder is the perfect solution for mobile, portable and on-board wireless applications.

This board is also suitable for any kind of network applications.

MPEG-4 Encoder Board


  • H.264/AVC Board for professional applications
  • High-functionality performance covering all professional applications from high bit rate contribution to low bit rate distribution
  • Ultra Low Delay mode for wireless camera application when mixed with triax cameras (40 ms end to end latency)
  • Optimal combination of H.264/AVC compression tools to achieve excellent quality high-definition video
  • High compression and excellent picture quality based on frame structure, field structure
  • Maximum bit rate of 160 Mbps
  • CABAC support to achieve high compression ratio at low bit rate
  • 10-32 VDC Power Supply / Consumption less than 20 W
  • Size 160 x 100 mm (Other size on demand)
  • On demand packaging and integration
  • Custom design with other features on demand

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